Our Story

Our team was formed in December 2017, a group of friends looking to realize their interest in robotics. Starting so late in the season, all we were able to create was a slowly-moving, quickly-thrown-together drivetrain with a single lift. In our first and only qualifier that season, we ended in 5th place, but we were happy with what we accomplished in so little time. With that short season under our belt, the team looked to start the next year early and become a real contender in the state.

Fast forward to the Rover Ruckus competition, where our team gained a new member as well as a new motivation to surpass the opposition. We worked tirelessly, improving our robot and eventually ending up in the winning alliance at our first qualifying competition, landing a spot in Massachusetts States. Yet we wanted more, and in preparation we scrapped our robot completely and began redesigning for the state competition. Though we failed to qualify for the world championships, we learned from our experience and prepared to improve upon what success we had.

For the Skystone season, we again added a member to our growing team, and redesigned our entire team structure. With newly-separated leaders in each category and a devoted calendar, we prepared for our first competition: a scrimmage in Natick against many top Massachusetts teams. With that experience we learned what level we needed to be at to compete with those teams, and with that knowledge we finished preparing for our first qualifier. Building upon the previous few years and staying much more organized than before, we ended as the winning alliance in that competition, but noticed many design changes we could make to further our success. We made many changes before our second qualifier, and we refined the robot before the state competition. After a 7th place finish in the round robin and an end as part of the winning alliance, we qualified for the world championship. However, Worlds was cancelled in the 2019-2020 season, marking the end to the Skystone competition. This year, we hope to build upon what we learned and make it another successful season.