Meet the Team

Christopher Baron, Senior


Christopher Baron is a senior at Lexington High School. As a founding member of the Attic Fanatics, Chris is a captain on the team and the head of build/design as well as the main driver for the team. Chris is a baseball player, playing mainly catcher, pitcher and third base for Lexington High and for A’s baseball. In school, Chris tends to enjoy subjects in the STEM field like Math and Science. Chris is looking forward to participating in another year of robotics and plans to help secure a great next season for the Attic Fanatics.

Anthony Zhao, Senior


Anthony Zhao is a senior at Milton Academy. As a founding member of Attic Fanatics, he has worked on every facet of the challenge and contributed greatly in all aspects. For the upcoming season, he will be focusing on robot design, the engineering notebook, and managing team progress. Outside of robotics, Anthony is a competitive swimmer for Milton’s varsity team. He also loves classical music and technical theater, designing and constructing sets for productions on campus. He is committed to make 14079’s fifth season extraordinary, and intends to continue that commitment for many years to come.

Jonathan Coombs, Senior


Jonathan Coombs joined the Attic Fanatics in its 2018-2019 season and is currently a senior attending Lexington High School. He is one of the team captains and the head of programming for the Attic Fanatics. In addition to code, he also helps with the design of the robot, providing a new perspective alongside interesting strategies, and is the main creator and maintainer of the Attic Fanatics website. Jonathan is an avid skier and is on the varsity ski race team in his high school, and his other hobbies include his school’s frisbee team, reading and miscellaneous coding (such as Unity and USACO). He hopes to cultivate a successful last season before graduating.



Jeffrey Guo, Senior


Jeffrey Guo, similar to other members of the Attic Fanatics, is a senior at Lexington High School. As one of the founders of the team, Jeff primarily worked on robot design and build, and also the head of marketing for the team, working with Jonathan on the Attic Fanatics Website as well as maintaining social media presence. Right now, Jeffrey is also interested in learning more about CAD. Other than working on robotics, Jeff enjoys playing tennis. He is also an avid student in and out of school, and strives to learn more about the world. His favorite subjects include European History and Biology.

Vera Choi, Senior


Vera Choi is a senior at Lexington High School, along with many teammates including Christopher Baron and Jonathan Coombs. After joining the Attic Fanatics in December of 2017, she worked on robot design and multiple different aspects of FTC but focused mainly on her role as a programmer. Last season, she stuck to code and was one of the head programmers of the team. In addition to robotics, Vera greatly enjoys learning instruments such as ukulele, harmonica, piano, and especially violin in her spare time. She also loves reading and writing, and can occasionally be found in public avoiding social interaction due to a particularly good story.

Sophia Hann, Senior


Sophia Hann is a senior at Lexington High School and has been on the team since 2019. She is a member of the build and design team where she contributes ideas to the design process, prototypes, works on CAD, and helps build components of the robot. Also, as the head of operations, Sophia is responsible for the documentation of the engineering process and keeping the team organized. Aside from robotics, Sophia enjoys digital art and bird photography. She is also an avid traveler who loves to visit national parks and wildlife refuges. Sophia is excited for a fun-packed season of robotics and hopes to help the team have another successful season.

Austin Li, Senior


Austin Li is a senior at Lexington High School. Austin works in many subjects on the team, although he focuses on code and CAD aspects. He also is intrigued by other aspects of the robotics and constantly learning more about the topic. Outside of robotics, Austin is on the Varsity Debate Team and Lexington High School Soccer Team. He also enjoys exploring photography and cooking. As his first year on the team, Austin is excited to the contributions he can make to the Attic Fanatics team.

Asher Burstein, Senior


Asher Burstein is one of the newest additions to the Attic Fanatics team and is a senior at Lexington High School. He is currently learning CAD and is working with the build team. He plans on studying engineering in college. When he is not working on the robot, he is training at his karate dojo for his second degree black belt. He also enjoys snowboarding with his friends and playing Magic the Gathering on weekends. He is eager to participate and help the team to have a great season.

Our Mentors

John Baron, Mentor